What we hear from Daycare Facility clients

"We have been ordering diaper changing paper from The Childcare Supply Company for over five years. No one can beat their prices and we love their reliability and customer service." ~ Kate's Care Company in Monmouth Beach, NJ

"After Hurricane Sandy we lost everything and purchased all our set up supplies from The Childcare Supply Company. We were especially pleased with the discounts they gave us on all the cribs and kiddie furniture. Their speed and compassion in this time of stress will forever be appreciated." ~ RaffDaycare in Union Beach, NJ

What we hear from Preschools and Kindergartens clients

"We can never thank The Childcare Supply Company for so promptly sending us cleaning supplies for our preschool after Hurricane Sandy hit! Now we are ready to order our childcare supplies." ~ ABC Pre-K in Kalamazoo, MI

"Thank you for the prompt delivery of cribs to help us meet the 2010 compliance requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)." ~ KinderKids in Batavia, IL

What we hear from Kid Camps

"Thank you for the kiddie tables and chairs and the weekly food supplies for our kids camp. Your deliveries were always on time and your costs kept us in budget." ~ Kiddie Campers in Milford, CT



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