dispoasable glovesReduce Illness through the use of Childcare Disposable Gloves

Childcare Supply Company provides the finest in gloves and glove accessories for you youth or adult daycare. Utilizing gloves for your every task drastically reduces exposure to germs and illness. The children for whom you provide care as well as the care provider can have the maximum protection available through the use of a good pair of gloves. Whether you are serving food, cleaning up after an accident or cleaning the daycare, good gloves are an essential part of the excellent service that parents expect and providers deserve as they provide the daily responsibilities of caring for children or adults.

Translates to savings

Gloves can reduce the amount of illness that spreads throughout a daycare, either transmitted by the children or adults, or even the daycare provider. To a daycare owner, this can translate into savings. Sick pay and benefits can be drastically reduced by the use of a variety of gloves designed to protect both client and provider. Absence from work has been shown to be directly attributable to how often a provider or child is exposed to germs and illnesses that pervade child and adult care facilities. The cost of providing the gloves is minimal in comparison to the health care costs of sick employees.

Different types for different tasks

buy disposable gloves for food handling at daycare facilities

buy disposable yellow cleaning gloves onlineWhether powdered or non-powdered, our task-designed gloves will accommodate every use need. Examination, food handling, kitchen clean-up or general cleaning, Childcare has the perfect glove for every need and in the quantity that will suit your individual daycare needs.

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