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Supplies to Protect against Germs
in Childcare Facilities

Disposable Gloves

The use of disposable gloves in the daycare setting whether providing service to adults or children is a critical tool in arresting the spread of germs and in protecting daycare workers so they can continue to interact with the adults or children. Both worker and adult or child can be at risk for germ sharing, but the risk can be drastically reduced with the use of gloves for protection from illness.

disposable gloves to protect against germsTo make your daily routine even easier, The Childcare Supply Company offers a variety of accessories. Each is designed to enhance sanitary and healthy conditions throughout the daycare.

Glove Box Holders

Glove box holders make grabbing for gloves quickly a snap. Positioned throughout the daycare they provide immediate coverage when needed by any worker. The gloves pop up from the box, making them easily accessible.


bulk hairnets for food prep in childcare facilities

Hand Cream Incentives

Often daycare workers don't wash their hands often enough because their hands begin to get extremely dry. Providing hand cream for daycare providers will solve this common problem. High quality hand cream comes in two handy ways, tube or dispenser. The cream smooths and soothes hands, keeping them supple and pliable and ready for the next project with the children.

Hair Nets

Hair nets are recommended for any person working in a daycare facility who is preparing and distributing food. Hair nets are breathable nets that keep hair in its place, but provide the lightweight, airy comfort that every daycare worker craves.

disposable, sanitary shoe coversDisposable Shoe covers

Lightweight and easy to put on, Childcare shoe covers provide the protection you need from dirt, water, outside debris and the germs they generate.

Sanitary Face masks - not just for surgeons

For those times when germs abound, surgical face masks provided by Childcare means employees, adults or children will have fewer illnesses. Comfortable and light weight, two types are available, around the head as well as masks with ear loops.


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