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discounts on disposable gloves for preschool and daycare centers

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for Childcare Facilities and schools

Buy health and safety supplies for Childcare facilities and schools


The Childcare Supply Company, a leading products for daycare centers, offering bulk and monthly delivery services for the products you need to maintain health and safety standards.

dispoasable gloves

Health Suppliesbuy first aid kits, baby evacuation vests, infant toothbrushs and other childcare health and safety supplies

Just in case ... have your first aid kits, ready and replenished with thermometer, band-aids, and disposable and reusable ice-cold packs. When a fire or other disaster occurs, rapid evacuation vests for infants becomes crucial. Don't forget to baby-proof your daycare center with outlet covers, cabinet safety locks, and toilet seat covers. And, we also carry a large variety of toothbrushes and toothbrush holders or storage systems.

buy disposable gloves for food handling at daycare facilitiesHand Washing Suppliesbuy food handling gloves online

Keeping toddlers and childcare staff free of germs means lots of hand washing. The Childcare Supply Company carries soaps, soap dispensers, paper hand towels, and wet towelettes. Order by the case or in gallon containers. We also sell disposable gloves for staff who are preparing food and changing diapers.

Paper Productsdisposable utility gloves for cleaning daycare centers

buy utility gloves for cleaning day care centers onlinePaper products by the case for the general daycare facility area, the bathroom and kitchen. Wecarry paper towel dispensers, folded paper towels, towels for pull rolls, toilet seat cover dispensers, paper toilet seat covers, toilet paper, facial tissues, and wet wipes. We also sell paper changing table products.




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