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The Childcare Supply Company, a leading provider of latex and vinyl gloves for daycare use, offers a wide variety of gloves for every size and type daycare, and in sizes that will comfortably accommodate every hand.

Germs can spread easily- from the common cold to worse, illnesses from one person can quickly spread to another. When working with children especially, one must protect against germs. The use of latex or vinyl gloves in the daycare setting is a critical tool in arresting the spread of germs and in protecting daycare workers so they can continue to interact with children. Both worker and child can be at risk for germ sharing, but the risk can be drastically reduced with the use of gloves for protection from illness.

Disposable Latex or Vinyl Gloves for Diaper Changing

dispoasable glovesEveryone knows changing diapers can be a messy job. By wearing disposable gloves, you can keep the mess off of your hands while not irritating the skin.

There are many options for choosing the disposable gloves that are best for you. Whether your choice is latex or vinyl, disposable gloves are offered in selections of powder free or lightly powdered gloves, and in quantities that are friendly to each budget.

Disposable gloves are available in all sizes from extra small to extra-large making comfort for each user a guarantee. Choose from powdered or no powder, tex-grip or smooth, the fit will be perfect.

Food Handling Gloves

buy disposable gloves for food handling at daycare facilitiesAt any childcare facility, food is handed every day, from simple storage to handing it out to children. Food items are a common manifestation site for germs. Critical safety issues make the right gloves for food handlers essential. At childcare facilities safety is of the utmost importance, which is why disposable polygloves are recommended for food handling.

You can prepare and serve your food with confidence knowing you are taking every measure to guarantee safety for workers, adults or children alike. Germs will be much less likely to spread between children or caretakers.

Utility Gloves

yello disposable utility gloves for cleaning daycare centersIt is important to keep a day care clean of dust, germs, and other potential sources of sicknesses. While cleaning for these substances, it is essential one protects him or herself. Not all gloves will offer enough protection. They can tear or fail to keep out unwanted exposure to the skin.

Sunny yellow utility kitchen gloves make clean-up, washing and scrubbing easier around the daycare kitchen and general areas. Thick gloves that protect from harsh detergents or bleach means workers needn’t worry about their hands and the effect of harsh cleaning products and disinfectants.

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